For Sale


We currently have a limited number of breeding quality gilts and boars available.

Sire: Cutter Del Toro 8C (Lee Way Bob 698Y x Cutter Charlotte 1Z)
Dam: Disdero Julia 17C (Lee Way Mojo 37B x Laurentide Queen 5B)
Born: November 13, 2016
Litter size: 10
Price: $400 CAD (Price subject to change as hogs mature)

The dam, Julia, is a truly outstanding brood sow. She is extremely gentle, good natured and easy to handle. Most impressively she raised this litter through the winter exclusively outdoors with no supplementary heat sources. The litter and sow were housed in 3 sided calving shed with round bales surrounding the house and loose straw packed to the ceiling. The piglets grew well through the winter months and were weaned without losing much momentum in January. Julia maintained her body condition through the winter while feeding her litter and was successfully re-bred first cycle after weaning. Julia is a moderate sized sow, excellent milk producer and efficiently converted her feed into a wriggling bundle of growthy piglets. I couldn’t ask for more from this gal. Del Toro is an impressive sized boar, easy to deal with on a daily basis with good length of loin and strong feet and legs. Our tiny breeding operation is very hands on so temperament is extremely important. So important that I might even say it is my first priority for selecting future breeding stock. Del Toro and Julia are both A+ temperaments and I expect their offspring will be as well.

Piglets live exclusively outdoors, are interacted with daily, eat well, sleep well, roll in the mud like champs. ūüėČ This litter will not disappoint if ¬†you are looking for hardy, productive hogs that will thrive in an outdoor management system.

What is included in purchase: One healthy, happy Berkshire hog complete with registration papers, CLRC transfer, Pig Trace tag and lifetime support from breeder with any questions or concerns.


Sales Policies

  • We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold the animal of your choice.¬†Should your first choice not be available you may transfer your deposit to another¬†animal of your choice. Cancellations are not refunded.
  • Purchase price includes registration and transfer, unless otherwise stated. We have been so frustrated in our own experience buying stock and waiting (sometimes for years) for registration papers. This can wreak havoc on a purebred breeding program and I don’t wish this hassle upon anyone. I will do my best to ensure that everything is in order before the animal leaves the farm and mail the papers to you myself as soon as the transfer is completed by the CLRC. Additionally, I ensure I will provide you with a proper bill of sale, manifest, RFID tag etc. (depending on species) when you arrive for pick up.
  • We cannot hold your choice of animal indefinitely without¬†a deposit. Please don’t be upset when we sell “your” animal to someone else if you haven’t sent a deposit and arranged pick up within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Animals left in our care beyond reasonable pick up dates will be charged daily room and board and likely be put to work washing dishes and minding the children ūüôā I am very flexible with providing care and arranging a convenient pick up time but please don’t leave the critter here for months without making arrangements.
  • Balance of payment is due prior to pick up at the farm. Due to lack of time we are unable to deliver, export or¬†ship¬†stock via air. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • We currently have healthy herds on our farm and follow preventative¬†measures to ensure optimal health of our animals, however, we cannot guarantee¬†their health status once they have left our farm.
  • We guarantee all breeding stock to be fertile. We will replace any animal returned¬†with written veterinary letter indicating a congenital defect as cause of the infertility. We cannot guarantee reproductive performance of our stock as success is based on many factors, such as management, stress, nutrition and herd health, which we cannot control after the animal has left our farm.
  • We cannot guarantee that animals will mature into show quality animals as there¬†are many factors (ie. nutrition, husbandry) that are beyond our control once an animal has left¬†our farm.
  • We request that you keep in touch with us as we love to hear the progress and¬†accomplishments of animals we‚Äôve raised.
  • We encourage you to contact us at¬†any time with any concerns or problems that you may have. We strive very hard to ensure success for those who purchase stock from us.
  • If we do not have what you are looking for we will try hard to put you in touch with someone who does.

A Word on Transportation

  • Unless otherwise stated all sales require on farm pick up. We can meet you somewhere along the route or deliver for a fee (gas + time).
  • Ensure that you are properly equipped to transport your livestock safely and humanely. Weaner pigs, rabbits, poultry and goat kids can be safely transported in an appropriately sized hard plastic crate. An appropriate horse/stock trailer or stock racks is required for anything larger than this. Please do not ask us to send you on your way with a goat riding on the front seat or pigs in the trunk. Animals need protection from the elements, adequate space and stops to rest, eat and drink as necessary.
  • We cannot and will not accomodate any slaughter on site. Please don’t ask us to make an exception. We are more than happy to arrange delivery to the local slaughter house.
  • Please let us know what you will be bringing to transport your livestock home in as it will dictate how we set up the loading ramp.

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